Greetings from East Texas

It has been a time of transition over here and I can’t believe I am just now finally sitting down to write this post. We moved from Castle Rock, CO in late August to the East Texas area. Just in time to embrace our first Texas Autumn and Winter seasons. I say first but I actually lived in near Austin, Texas for a few years as teen. I will say however that the area we lived in at the time seemed much different than the area we are in now. I’ve heard a few locals say now that East Texas is like it’s own state! Seems to be true! But suffice to say, we love Texas so far and the people who live here. We’ve had fun as a family making new memories and going on new adventures. One thing that had me in dismay for a little bit was not being able to see the sun go down any more from anywhere in town. One of my favorite things to do every evening in Castle Rock was sit out on my balcony and watch the sun sink behind the mountains in the distance. The trees although beautiful are so tall that I have yet to find a vantage point anywhere near me that enables me to see the sun. I finally found this beautiful spot and was VERY happy to see my familiar friend that evening.

Lake O Pines, Texas

I’ve come back many many times. I can’t count the amount of times I have went back to this spot. Especially in the early weeks of being here. I had a great longing for my old familiar spots in Colorado near the lakes there that we frequented and finding this new spot helped greatly!

My beautiful daughters

We enjoyed watching Autumn slowly creep in. We definitely enjoyed watching and feeling the temperatures drop. I’ve almost forgotten what those hot days felt like when we first got here (haha, that is a LIE!). Colorado Autumn’s are like an avocado honestly, you know how you wait and wait for it to ripen and then one day it’s ripe and then the next day it goes bad. Once the leaves turn it feels like you have an insanely short time to enjoy it before the snow moves in. But the tradeoff is the intensely vibrant golds that flood the mountain areas giving you an almost intoxicated feel. The Autumn here is so slow moving that it felt like I was in some sort of Time warp. It just stayed Autumn like… til December!

End of September color, Lake O Pines

I enjoyed watching the colors creep in more and more every time we came back. I always brought buy camera thinking it would be the last time I’d see color but was always pleasantly surprised by how long lasting the color was.

Vibrant color in East Texas

But lest you think that we explored no further, we went to several of the State Parks in the area as well in the Autumn months. I have to say Tyler State Park was my favorite so far. The winding road leading into the park is just absolutely gorgeous!

Here are a few of my favorite roads from our Autumn trips there:

There were still beautiful flowers everywhere! Flowers in the Autumn…

Flowers in September, Tyler State Park

This scene took my breath away. The trees really aren’t THAT vibrant. (I have to be honest). The color palettes here are more of an earthy color in my humble opinion. However, as the sun set it lit up all those colors across the lake and they seemed to come alive in the sunlight. Don’t we all…

Stunning colors at Sunset, Tyler State Park.

We didn’t spend all of our time exploring outside… there were definitely days we were glad to be indoors. I will forever be grateful to my brother and his family for allowing us to stay with them so graciously when we first arrived. We made so many memories with them and in their lovely home in Longview.

Pumpkin carving, Longview,TX

Avi wanted his brothers pumpkins instead of making his own. He had to get in this picture though to show us his feelings!

Liat’s first Autumn, Longview, TX

This was taken in my brother’s front yard. They have beautiful trees that make for superb leaf piles!

I took an impromptu photo of all my children in November. Outfits were not planned but when I saw how beautiful this particular spot was I absolutely had to line them up. My oldest son is now taller than I am. I can’t believe how much they have grown in the last few months.

Well there you have my very condensed version of the last few months. I have so much more to share including what my plans are for shooting. I have had so many requests in my area that I am greatly encouraged in finding new faces to work with. My networking circle here is slowly growing and I love it!!! My goals are changing however as my family grows and my time grows more limited. I am currently taking a break as we continue to get settled. We are in a place of transition as we wait for a few more pieces of our puzzle to fall into place for our forever home. After that I hope to come out in full force with my newly forming vision and business plan so stay tuned!

Thank you so much for reading! Til next time.



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