The Taldros Family

I was so excited to photograph the Taldros family. I love working with big families and having had worked with this family the year before for holiday pictures I already knew how sweet they were to photograph. Candid and lifestyle are the best way to make photographing a larger family stress free and easy in my personal opinion. It’s why I seek out these types of photographers for my own brood of 7. We chose one of my favorite locations for their session. Open fields and rolling hills. Children love to run and play and there is pretty much nothing off limits here.

I encourage lots of games and play to get children laughing, moving and that usually helps it be less stressful for everyone. Instead of worrying about kids standing still or pasting a smile on their face, the kids can be kids and Mom and Dad can enjoy being together in the moment.

These little girls were the sweetest sisters. They no problems holding hands and being the best of friends for me. I know that on the home front that’s not always the case but here they were best of friends from all appearances.

Telling secrets

It’s really important to me get a good portrait picture of each one of the children in family sessions – if they’ll allow me to.

1) it allows me to build a trusting relationship with them and make them feel more comfortable with me for later pictures.

2) When you have a big family there is always a kid or two that just doesn’t make it in all of the photos. I want to make sure parents get a good picture of every single one of their kids for the wall gallery or even for sending prints to Grandparents.

These little girls were the sweetest. The youngest just melted my heart with those big brown eyes.

After I’d done individual shots and each of the girls had warmed up to me, we moved onto more groupings. By this time they had had time to explore and play and weren’t biting at the bit to run off.

This has to be one of my favorite ever. So much love here! I love it when I tell kids to hug on Mom and they can’t wait to do it! These girls absolutely adored their Mama.

Time for some Mom and Dad time.

If parents will have it, it is absolutely important to me to get some of the parents loving one each other. These are so important not only for you as spouses but also for your children to have. Its your love as a couple that brought you together as a family and I want to do everything I can to honor that in session.

Just the kids

If time and patience allows I love to get some images of individual kids with Mom. Each relationship is different and each one special in it’s own way.

Just the girls.
Dad and his girls.
The end.

I am not making it up to say that these parents were some of the most patient parents I’ve dealt with. It was such an honor to work with them again!

Some of my favorite things about this session –

Weather! Although some people love and prefer a good golden hour, I think honestly golden hour can be a little overrated. The clouds were so gorgeous that particular evening and the colors just went so well with the stormy feel. The wind had picked up enough to just get some motion into their beautiful hair and dresses.

Length choice! I vary between lenses between I feel is going to be a good feel and match for each particular session. Because I had plenty of space to move around I opted to use mostly my 85mm prime lens. This gave me beautiful compression of the background and those gorgeous clouds!

Thank you so much for reading! If you are interested in working with me for your own family session please reach out and let’s chat!

Love always,


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