Family Session in Forest and Meadows.

I LOVE working with Melissa and her beautiful family. I have worked with Melissa many times and am always thrilled when she contacts me to do their pictures. One of my favorite things about Melissa as a client is her absolute trust in my creative vision. I can’t began to stress out how important this process is to an artist or photographer. She doesn’t question when I have an idea, she fully whole heartedly trusts my process and loves what I do. Because of this I feel like her sessions are one of my most inspiring ones to do. When she agreed to do her family session in one of my favorite places ever, I knew it would be magical! And even though true to every session we have ever done together – it stormed and stayed overcast – I think you’ll agree they came out perfectly magical.

I find it fascinating that after a rainstorm or even on a cloudy day, the colors of nature seemed to be on their best behavior. Though I know golden hour is supposed to be the photographer dream for best lighting, these cloudy sessions are secretly becoming my favorite. Too bad I can’t order the weather ahead of time for sessions , lol. Until then, the spontaneity of Colorado weather keeps me on my toes 😉

Doesn’t this sum up married life with kids perfectly? Perfect kiss done in 3 seconds because your kid is running away.

Melissa’s little girl cracks me up. This face is the sweetest and she can seriously distract me to pieces during a session.

Isn’t this every toddler’s favorite game?! Her face says it all <3

Stopping to admire the flowers on the side of the path was a must.

Children have an incredibly intuition at an early age that flowers are something beautiful to be treasured and always given to Mom.

This beautiful place still takes my breath away.

Another one of my favorite things about working with Melissa is her ability to always make the simplest moment the special ones. I tell my clients often, if in doubt and you suddenly feel awkward in front of me, just touch the people around you. Hug them, kiss on them – touch is everything. I don’t think Melissa has ever had an awkward moment in front of the camera in her life lol, but I love the way she holds her family close both in pictures and out of them. <3

Big hugs and wet kisses are the best <3

This is my favorite image of the entire session. Why? Because it’s so symbolic to me. Women are the glue to a family. There is nothing that can take the place of that. There is an obviously special and unique role that Dads play, but there is nothing that can take the place or compare to the role of Mom. She holds the family together with a special strength, she creates the safety net for everyone to feel loved and most often is the true definition of what “Home” really looks like. I’ve always thought home is where my Mom is at. And it’s not because I don’t love my father equally. It’s just that my Mom creates that space of love for everyone to just BE. And Melissa sums all of that up perfectly in this image.

Of course we got one of these. I haven’t met a kid one time who doesn’t love the thrill of being thrown in the air by Daddy only to land safely in his arms.

Such a beautiful session. As always when I’m home, culling and editing, I’m ALWAYS grateful. Grateful to have met so many amazing people doing what I love to do. Grateful to be in the background capturing the moments that people will always remember. Grateful for the beautiful places I love going to and sharing those with other people. And even grateful for the people who support me and inspire me, who take the time to read these posts! Thank you Melissa for trusting me again with your beautiful family and all those special moments in between!

Thank YOU for taking the time read my words xx

Until next time – much love always, Rachel


interested in working together, just feel like saying hi? feel free to contact me through the contact form on my webpage – I would love to hear from you! <3

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