Family Session in Vallecito, CO

The beautiful Jennifer.

When my beautiful friend Jennifer contacted me to book a session for their trip to Durango, I was THRILLED to finally get the chance to meet this wonderful soul. We have been online friends for at least two years now. Watched each others kids grow on Facebook, accomplished a 365 photography project together and have talked about how great it would be meet each other for months! Since I had never been to the Durango area, we decided to make it a mini family vacation and stay in the area. I was excited to explore and most of all excited meet Jen!

Exploring the area was a fun undertaking and there was no shortage of beautiful spots. But driving around the incredible Vallecito lake was the winner. Lush green grass, tranquil lake surrounded by coniferous forest and the kicker – those beautiful blue craggy peaks that were magically still snow capped. This was it.

Jennifer and her family brought all the love and connection. I couldn’t have wished for a better experience. I fell head over heels for her beautiful boys.

What I loved most about Jennifer and her beautiful family was the love and affection that came naturally. It’s a beautiful thing for me as a photographer to witness and get to capture people who are oblivious to me. They’re not making a show of their love. Just there to be themselves.

Sometimes people will tell me before a session starts that they need help with posing. That they’re awkward on camera. I get it! I totally get it. I’m a stranger and I’m following you around, and it’s hard not feel liker you need to perform. But the best sessions in my eyes aren’t based on a performance. It’s about you doing what you do best – loving on and enjoying the most important people in your life.

Inevitably, I always feel a sense of gratitude. I’m all smiles in the background and I’m honored and humbled to be in a position of trust where I get to watch these special kind of moments unfold.

Watching parents and children have fun together makes my heart so happy.

Hold them. Love them. Enjoy them. Tell secrets. Laugh together.

When my clients look back on your pictures, I want all the memories of what you were laughing about to come flooding back.

It’s all about being in the moment and appreciating what that moment brings.

I had an amazing time not only photographing Jennifer and her family. Long after the session ended our families lingered in the dusky blue of the evening, laughing, enjoying each other’s families. So much fun! Suddenly, out of the forest a big brown cow came walking nonchalantly across the road in front of us. It was such a funny and unexpected moment. We all stood there laughing at her as she glanced behind her shoulder and then quietly disappeared into the night. Talk about enjoying the moments!

Thank you so much Warren family for the pleasure of meeting you and sharing so many beautiful moments for me to capture. Until next time!




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