April Reflection

This month has been a special one. The anticipation of Spring, warmer days and my very favorite – longer evenings. No more setting sun at 4:30, now the sun sets around 7:30 giving us more time to enjoy in the evening. Here are some of my favorite pictures from this past month!

Golden grass with sun's orb behind it.
Fiery blaze of setting sun. The dancing grass caught my eye with their golden tips and gentle swaying bodies.

The little sad boy – My almost 3 yo son upon realizing that there were no actual animals in this old red barn. As I am talking to him I am taking pictures discreetly, he literally just said the words, “No sheep.” as I took this picture. 🙁

Back story: There is a large open space outside of Castle Rock that has this old barn on the space. For the entire year my 5 year old and my almost 3 year old have fantasized, discussed, dreamed and convinced themselves that there were real animals in this barn. They were just locked up. They belonged to a farmer somewhere who let them out when no one was around. I’ve heard them discuss all sorts of possibilities as to what kind of animals are in there. They are absolutely fascinated with the concept of Farm Life and farm animals. At last after many months we returned to this place and Elijah was beside himself with excitement. He ran as fast as his little legs would carry him and he searched for a crack with all his might. He put his ear carefully against the wood and to his delight found a small crack. That was when he discovered the terrible truth – there were no animals in this barn. 🙁 On a side note if you know anyone with a farm who would be willing to let these two little guys come and find some real animals let me know! 🙂

My youngest who is laughing at his older sister behind me (whom he adores with all of his little heart.) I love the rusty reds and oranges in the stones here and thought it brought out the subtle reds in his hair as well. I’m always on the lookout for interesting textures and colors.

Attempted kite flying between E5 (my fifth child 🙂 ) and Ryan. The wind was sadly not very strong that day but they gave it all their might.

E5 and A6 exchanging an unknown secret. I love that little dimple in A6’s cheek!!

Playing with light. One morning I decided to experiment with a particular window and different affects with the reflector. This is using the gold side of the reflector bouncing off the natural light from the window which is on his left. Many graham crackers were in order to get him to sit still 😉

The adventures of little boys. E4 and E5 with their sticks and mighty building plans for the sand. Tried something new with this edit. I don’t want to get locked into the mindset I’d been stuck in before where everything has to “match”. I think Instagram can train our brains to stop creativity. We can get locked into the thought that everything must match and flow cohesively at all times. This put a mental block on me with learning, evolving and trying new things. It was only after I took a break from social media that I began to branch out again and be inspired! Not sure if I’ll edit this way again but I learned a lot of new techniques in case I want to. 🙂

Fearless – this is the look of defiance. This little boy wanted in the water and didn’t care what I said. More backstory on this here

My beautiful daughter E2. She loves coming up with ideas for her Instagram account She will come up with an idea and ask for my help. I am ALWAYS happy to oblige my incredibly photogenic daughter 🙂

Unexpected sunset glory. Back story: I had no idea the sunset would be so incredible that evening. I was planning on getting lots of candids of my children playing like the ones above. Therefore I didn’t bring my tripod. Thankfully I found a really nice flat rock to set my camera on and get a softer look on the water with a little bit of a longer exposure than I would have been able to do by hand. I’m sure I looked like an absolute noob – shoes kicked off on in the side, crouched in the water with my camera on a rock !!! I didn’t run into anyone besides a couple walking who seemed more interested in their conversation. The silence combined with the gold pouring over the water was absolutely mesmerizing. I had walked on by myself at this point and had some quiet moments to myself. More thoughts on this picture and silence here.

Some imaginary fishing is going on here with E5. A fun trip to Palmer Lake on a somewhat chilly evening!

My littlest one down in the rocks of the river. He loved watching Dad and everyone else skipping rocks.

My oldest having an in-depth conversation with my husband on a trip to a space in Jefferson county. (topic unknown, haha!) Side note when did he get so tall?! He is now my height and fast catching up with Ryan.

Keto Passover-Friendly Frosted Lemon Coconut Bars (wow that’s a mouthful!) I wanted to make something special for my parents for the Passover Seder that they could enjoy being Keto. Didn’t come out super pretty but I heard it was pretty good 🙂 Recipe here.

SOMEONE had to lick the beaters for the Keto frosting! I had the sweetest volunteer. 🙂

My little fox. I’m all about oranges when I take his pictures. I love the way his hair and complexion looks around it. After months of scarce hair my little bald man is growing some curlicues. 😉

This guy LOVES having his picture taken. He will ask me to take his picture like he did when he climbed this tree 😉

Last but not least…. one of my favorites of all time. This picture reminds me of all the feelings that come with enjoying solitude. I talk a little more extensively about that here.

I am looking forward to many more adventures in May. We will be going on our first camping trip of the year and it’s in a new place for us. So excited to gather around the campfire with my kids and do all the the things that should be done on a camping trip… S’mores around the fire, sizzling meat on grill, cupping a hot mug of coffee in your hands. Ahhhhh….

Thank you for taking the time to read about my adventures and walking with me through my memories. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! (and a happy May!) Go find a new place to wander. Excite your senses. Make an adventure out of what is in front of you.

Love always, Rachel

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