Daydreams for Spring

I am officially bidding Winter goodbye. I don’t know whether or not it’ll listen this time as this isn’t the first time I’ve urged it to leave. The days have been a cycle of typical Colorado weather confusion. 60s and 70s for a few days, just enough to leave us with the tantalizing mood of Spring and then a downpour of Snow. Up and down. I am grateful however for the moisture. Last year there was hardly any snow and we had many fires as consequence. I’m looking forward to warmer days and adventures with my family.

One of our goals this year is to check off as many of Colorado’s state parks as we can! We have went to several but not even close to the 41 that are available. I think we’ve done 6??!!!! I’m guilty of finding my favorite spots and then never leaving them. But you never discover new favorites if you don’t go out and find them first!

Last year we fell in love with Chatfield State Park and went there pretty much every weekend for the months of June and July. My kids called it “The Beach” (having never been to the real beach before) While it’s not the beach you can’t argue that it’s not just gorgeous. We found a little path that wandered down to this area and had many a picnic on this exact sandy spot.

Chatfield State Park

My little ones played in the water til the sun was well over the hills. And my serious 2 yo had many thoughtful moments staring out at shore.

Sometimes arriving at afternoon and staying til the cloudy summer storms arrived.

I love the quote below:

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”
— Margaret Atwood

I’m pretty sure my kids smell like dirt at the end of every day haha! But more so in the spring and summer. Spring days are beautifully warm enough to be pleasant without the intensity of summer sun. But there’s a place for that too. I hope you are feeling the inspiration and excitement that comes with warmer days. Memories to be made, trails to follow, sunsets to admire. Take pictures, smile and take the time to make an experience. xx

Much love,


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